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The Busy Lady’s guide to self defence 

Women are facing a crisis. We are not safe. And worse, we do not feel protected. So maybe it’s time to take matters into our own hands. And by this, I mean it’s time to empower ourselves to be able to fight back. We need to be stong, and we need to know where to hit hardest so we have an opportunity to escape if we need to. In this guide, we;ve combined several expert tips on how to defend yourself in an emergency. We’re calling it The Busy Lady’s guide to self defence.

Before we begin, let’s break the ice with a more entertaining view of self-defence. We all remember the classic scene in Miss Congeniality where undercover FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) shows America how to defend themselves using the SING method (solar plexus, instep, nose, groin). Watch below.

Amusing as this scene is, it’s also an excellent lesson to all women who need an easy way to remember the classic points in a predators body, those which we can use to our advantage to incapacitate an attacker. Remember the most important thing:¬† When it comes to pure physical strength, a man and woman of the same size are not equally matched in strength. He does have the upper hand. So we use his sensitive spots to debilitate him, giving us an opportunity to run away.

Next, we have a video created by Joanna Soh from HER Network, a truly excellent guide to self-defence for women. In the 10 minute video, she’ll show you five self-defence moves she believes every woman should know, and can use no matter what her physical strength is.

The video above is simple to understand and put into practice. And it doesn’t just give us women a tool to protect ourselves, it also empowers us. We know we are strong, and we can work towards making sure we don’t become victims to those who seek to do us harm.

Safety tips for women

When you’re walking around, you should always make sure you do the following:

  • Walk confidently and be watchful: Know what’s going on around you
  • Say “no” firmly but avoid confrontation
  • Run away if it’s possible to do so
  • Make a noise and call for help: It’s recommended you shout something like “fire”. People will generally come running.

If running away is not possible or the attacker is too close to you, you may find you need to employ a self-defence technique. If this is the case:

  • Use your palm and strike his chin or nose
  • Kick in in the groin area using your knee
  • Strike his face while he is bent down using your knee

Ladies, the most important defence is to remain aware of your surroundings, and to KNOW – beyond all doubt – to no man is allowed to touch you if you don’t want to be touched. None of us need to be victims, and every one of us can be a survivor. Be strong. Be bold. And look out for each other.

A final note. If you or anyone you know have been a victim or violenec or sexual assault, here are some numbers and websites you can access to seek help. And remember that reporting it to the police (even though it could be tough on you) can help prevent the next woman being hurt by that guy. Report that guy to SAPS.

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