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The right way to wedding detox 

We’d venture that there isn’t a force in the world more powerful than a bride-to-be who wants to get into shape. Forget assigning New Year’s resolutions or putting magazine pictures on your fridge, all you have to do to suddenly find you can make the time for gym or develop a taste for raw carrots and celery is get engaged.

There are an inordinate number of different diets and detoxes out there that promote health and fitness, especially ones designed for the wedding. Unless medically advised, dieting isn’t a healthy way to get into shape. If what you’re looking for is a true energy elixir that’ll make you shine your brightest on your big day, and all the other days come to that, starving yourself isn’t the best way to get there. There’s a much better and far more sustainable way of doing it – hey, if everything else is going green, why not wellbeing?

The term detoxification refers to ridding the body of harmful chemicals and substances – don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it sounds. Actually, all it’s really about is finding small ways of perking yourself up, getting that blood circulating and the energy going. It’s about only putting into your body what you want to shine back out of it, and it’s also a great way to manage your stress levels so you don’t go from Bridalicious to Bridezilla in 0 – 60.

Let’s start by looking at the things you DON’T want to be doing, especially if you’re looking for healthy glow:

Diet techniques to avoid

  • Crash dieting is the absolute enemy. Don’t do it! The only kind of glow you’ll get by crash dieting is the shimmering sweat that precedes passing out.
  • Don’t avoid too many food groups, rather practice moderation and find a balance.
  • Trying out experimental diets that are the latest fad can turn ugly – really. Don’t try new things before the big day, instead, opt for holistic rather than chemically produced.

Detoxing the body

In a nutshell, the stuff that makes your body go ‘bleugh” are as follows –

  • Dairy; butter and margarine, eggs, sour cream, milk, cheese
  • Artificial products: soy, condiments, sweeteners, to name a few.
  • Meats: Pork, beef, processed meats of any kind,
  • Fat: A handful of peanuts but no more than that will do.
  • Drinks: *alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks

*Don’t avoid alcohol completely. The toast portion of the evening can get quite rough if you don’t have a small tolerance built-up. A glass of red a week and you’re good to go.

Foods to start including in your diet –

  • Fruits: pomegranate, apples, blueberries, lemons, avocado, dried fruit
  • Veggies: arugula, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, beets, onions, Swiss Chard
  • For flavour: garlic, ginger, parsley , seal salt (not too much)
  • Nuts and seeds:  almonds, flax seeds, cashews, sesame seeds (should be unsalted)
  • Weird stuff: seaweed, wheatgrass, sea vegetables (kelp, wakame etc.),
  • Starches: Brown or wild rice, rice crackers, quinoa, glutten-free pastas, noodles
  • To sweeten: honey (raw), sucrose sweetener
  • Proteins: lamb, venison, turkey, chicken
  • To drink: green tea, coconut milk, WATER!

They say if you chew a little slower, you have a much better chance of digesting your food properly. It also reduced the amount you eat (in a healthy way).

It’s all about how you want to look, and more importantly, how you want to feel.

Detoxing the mind

  • Go for a massage. Seriously. It may sound cliché, and maybe you don’t like strangers touching you. Just let that go and have a 30 minute rub – you have no idea how much it help kickstart the body’s “stress less” impulse.
  • Hydrotherapy. It’s a fancy-pants way of saying use water to heal. This concept extends broadly from simply drinking it all the way through to the spa bath experience. Water heals all things – and it increased blood circulation.
  • Take a few days off the wedding planning – delegate some tasks to your bridal party and don’t think about it for a while. In fact, the week before the wedding, you should switch off completely. For this to be feasible, it means you’re organising will have to be completed prior to this. Don’t avoid things that are incomplete, rather strive to get things done with time to spare for yourself.
  • Exercise – there’s no point in trying to get into shape without it. If you lose weight without toning and shaping it, you’ll end up with a plain figure. Give yourself form rather than a lack of.
  • Read – it’s an escapist and wonderful thing to get lost in a story. Your mind completely calms and you can focus on something entirely outside of your control for a few hours.
  • Unplug – switch off all the things that make your world digital for a couple of days. It’s hard, really really hard actually. But it will completely clear your mind. It’s a great time to “sort stuff out” and spend some quality time with you.

The results…

Where to begin? … how do these sound?

Mental agility, increased physical energy, improved memory and concentration, the glow, fewer headaches and much less crankiness, an improved libido (and grooms around the world applaud), improved circulation, less stress, fatigue and lethargy, clear skin and a clear head. Plus, you’ll perspire a little less, which makes it easier to get nervous on your big day.

It’s all about how you want to look, and more importantly, how you want to feel.

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